A long day’s journey down I-94

The end of our “Big Trip 2013″ found us returning to our starting point in the Twin Cities from our ultimate destination, Fargo – but not without some fun along the way. Last week in Tower Site of the Week, we showed you a big chunk of the Fargo market’s studios and towers, and this week we close out our books on Fargo-Moorhead IDs, nearly completing the set.

But that’s not all – this week’s Site of the Week and Toppy updates also add the new Fergus Falls MN and Alexandria MN markets to our audio collection here….and stand by for the final installments next week as we probe deep into the St. Cloud market!


Filling in some big gaps

As you’ll read in this week’s Tower Site of the Week, my visit to Fargo, North Dakota in the summer of 2013 was the culmination of a long journey to visit all 48 of the contiguous United States (and the tallest TV tower that stands in any of them!)

It also filled in some big gaps here on Toppy – from a distance, I collected the very first Bismarck ID to appear on this site (on a huge AM signal that covers the whole state and then some!), as well as a big pile of Fargo-Moorehead IDs to augment the one lonely one that had been on the site, the first batch of which appears today. You’ll hear the rest here next Wednesday, plus more Fargo towers on Site of the Week this Friday. (And order your Tower Site Calendar now for Christmastime delivery!)

A new corner of South Dakota

Well, OK, the areas around Brookings and Watertown, South Dakota aren’t exactly “new,” having been there doing their thing for more than a century now. But they were new to us when we hit them along the long road that was Big Trip 2013 (photos and stories on Tower Site of the Week) – and except for one lonely Watertown ID, they’re brand new markets to Toppy, too! Enjoy…and check back on Site of the Week this Friday as we get to Fargo…

A part of I-90 that’s not snowed in

You can’t drive from Rochester to Erie today, thanks to a record-breaking wall of snow south of Buffalo. But that’s OK: today’s Toppy update is a thousand or so miles to the west on I-90, taking in a chunk of southern Minnesota that should probably be moved to its own “Austin-Albert Lea” market separate from where we put them in Rochester (the other one) when we get around to it. And it continues into the eastern fringes of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota market, which has been woefully under-Toppyed until now.

The matching pictures are over at Site of the Week, of course!



It just feels weird, is all

Even in the usually brainless process of entering the tag information for today’s big batch of Toppyness, my fingers kept wanting to type “Rochester NY.”

But our recap of Big Trip 2013 has brought us from The One True Rochester (we have garbage plates! and waterfalls! and a really big lake! and Kodak! Or at least what’s left of it!) to that other place that shares the name, Rochester, Minnesota. Which is actually a pretty nice place, with lots of nice IDs you should check out. And then go look at the pictures, here!

(And then buy a calendar, because it’s finally back from the printer!)

Next week: Austin! Albert Lea! Blue Earth! Fairmont! Worthington! Luverne! All aboard! (Spoiler alert…the earth in Blue Earth is actually brown.)