More thoughts of warmer weather

OK, it’s not Miami (though I’m looking forward to heading down there in a week’s time) – but I’ll take November in Washington DC over February in upstate New York any chance I can get. These IDs are paired with last Friday’s Site of the Week, and there’s one more batch of DC audio still to come next Wednesday.

Thoughts of Warmer Weather

It’s been brutally cold here in Ohio over the past week or so, as it has been across much of the U.S. and Canada as of late. And, with thoughts of warmer weather in mind, tonight I have some brand new legal IDs up on the site from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale that I recorded during my trip there in late December of last year.

Our Nation’s Capital

(Assuming, of course, that you’re reading this in the US – sorry, no Ottawa IDs for you this time around!)

Yes, it’s a pile of IDs from Washington, DC for you today, tied in with our current Site of the Week series. And in starting to put up November 2013 IDs, I found to my horror that I had a big bunch of 2012 IDs from DC and vicinity that never went up here, either, and so we’re putting some of those up this week and next, too.

Lots and lots of Fort Wayne

When you combine the joint obsessiveness of one Toppy editor who lives there and another who’s there visiting the in-laws several times a year, you get a big pile of Fort Wayne, Indiana IDs on the site.

And now…there are even more!

This batch gives us a pretty much complete look at all the shuffling that was happening in the summer of 2014 as the former Oasis and Summit City groups merged into the new Adams Radio cluster, a union we illustrated for your enjoyment in last week’s Tower Site of the Week.


More Indianapolis Than You Require

(Apologies to the great John Hodgman…)

The Great Digging-Out of the Interminable Backlog continues this week with a daring attempt to make sure that every single usable ID I have from Indianapolis and vicinity gets posted, right up to and including the ones I recorded on New Year’s morning this very year while watching the WISH-TV/WTTV affiliation swap take place.

Thrill to the sounds of every HD subchannel in town! Hear Moody’s WGNR 1470 in Anderson go from English to Espanol! Listen to Cumulus rearrange its cities of license to upgrade 93.9, not that it’s done much good! And so on and so on…

The relevant pictures are over here on Tower Site of the Week. Next week we’ll try this amazing feat again, this time up the road in Fort Wayne!

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