City of Brotherly IDs

That, of course, would be Philadelphia – and that’s both our Site of the Week (a building that’s home to multiple small radio stations) and our pile of IDs from 2012. Both the Site of the Week installment and the IDs include our one and only encounter with WWIQ, the Merlin Media FM talker that didn’t quite manage to thrive.

Enough Indiana for a while!

We love the Hoosier State. Really we do. But now that we’re unloading the last of our summer 2012 IDs, including some goodies from Lafayette, Kokomo, Muncie-Marion and Fort Wayne, we’re ready to throw in a few Toledo IDs and be on our virtual way back east. (Well, almost – there are also some lingering 2011 IDs that never made it up on the site, largely because they were some of our last cassette-recorded IDs and the quality’s a little iffy. But after three years, some are also sort of historic, so they’re up here too now, just for completeness.)

Two lonely hours across southern Illinois

I’m told there are few drives quite as mind-dulling as I-80 across western Nebraska or I-70 across western Kansas. I’ve never had those dubious pleasures…but a couple of summers ago, I did get to drive I-70 from St. Louis to Terre Haute.

There’s not a ton of radio to hear, or sites to see, along that stretch of highway – but what we were able to see is chronicled this week in Site of the Week, and what we heard (both on this trip and on an earlier pass down the highway back on the Cross-Country Expedition of 2011) is in the Effingham folder right here on Toppy.

(There are also a few final additions to our St. Louis ID stash this week, too, plus one new ID from the One True Rochester, the new “ESPN 95.7″ translator that’s fed by WBEE-FM’s 92.5-HD2, fed in turn by Entercom’s WROC 950.)