Sox fans! Yanks fans! Rejoice!

OK, neither your team nor my team made the postseason (um…go Royals?), but you’ve both won the Toppy championships with big heaping piles of New York and Boston IDs in today’s update. You Yankees fans may have your 27 trophies, but with a whopping 871 IDs in the collection, the Hub is by far the leader when it comes to Toppy fecundity. (Thanks, Jeff!) And if that’s not enough…how about a few new ones from Springfield MA and Pittsfield MA, just to round out our June 2013 travels (as seen on Tower Site of the Week, where there’s a new Big Trip chronicle getting ready to roll very soon…)


Since I’m posting on Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday this week (holiday holiday holiday), may as well call it what the cool kids are calling it. This final (and very large) installment of Dallas-Fort Worth closes out my “2012” folder at long last. It also includes some IDs that have already passed into history, such as WBAP-FM on 96.7 (now KTCK-FM with “The Ticket,” simulcasting 1310 instead of 820) and Univision’s interesting bilingual “Radio H2O” experiment on KESS-FM 107.9. Oh, and check out the EAS test that included a legal ID on KTCU in Fort Worth!

Want to see a bunch of these studios? I did, too – and they’re on Tower Site of the Week. Enjoy!

There are a LOT of AM stations in Dallas

How many AM stations fill the Dallas-Fort Worth market? Enough that I was able to add 24 new entries to the Toppy portfolio today, and that doesn’t even include one big one that I recorded off an FM simulcast (you’ll hear it next week) or at least three others from which I wasn’t able to get anything that met even my fairly relaxed standards for inclusion. (At least one of the AMs in today’s update IDs with the wrong city of license, and then there’s the KKLF 1700 ID buried so deep below its now-former syndicated comedy format that you can barely hear it at all…)

And what’s more, I managed to grab all these IDs (plus the FMs that will show up next week) in what was barely a 36-hour visit to the Big D – one that even included some nifty studio visits, like the KXAS-TV facility featured in Tower Site of the Week.

Sandy Eggo Revisited

We did a lot of revisiting of America’s Finest City in 2012, and this update brings you the last of our San Diego IDs from those trips. See the pictures (including lots of FM transmitters!) at Tower Site of the Week, and note too that we’ve updated some 2005 IDs here that didn’t have proper labeling on them. (Did you really let me get away with that back then, Brian?)