It’s not oh-LEEN, it’s OH-lee-ann

We pronounce things weirdly here in upstate New York, but then some of them just have weird names to begin with. Take, for example, today’s featured city. “Olean” is not only a pleasant college town in the Southern Tier – it was also the brand name that Procter and Gamble came up with in the 1990s for its fat substitute that went into potato chips and other snack foods. (Remember those? The ones with the, er, unfortunate gastroinestinal side effects?)

Fortunately for the good folks in Cattaraugus County, the fake fat wasn’t pronounced the same way as their fine city. As you’ll hear on today’s IDs, Olean the city is pronounced “OH-lee-ann,” and hopefully today’s batch of IDs will leave you pleasantly satiated without any explosive after-effects. (Except, perhaps, a desire to also see some pictures of the stations featured, over at Tower Site of the Week.)

There’s a parrot in the NAB Show press room


parrotYes, really. It’s bright green, very old, and everyone seems more interested in taking pictures of it than of all the shiny new gear on the show floor. It has nothing to do with today’s update, of course, which is a whole bunch of IDs recorded over the last few years (some very recently) in and around Geneva, New York…but I’d hate for this to be the only media source at NAB to not mention the parrot, so there it is.

And that’s Blaine Thompson‘s shoulder she’s perching on.

(Look at some pretty Geneva pictures here, or join us next week for a trip down along the Pennsylvania border.)


Fading Out

This past Easter weekend, I headed north on Interstate 71 to visit with my sister-in-law’s family in Streetsboro, Ohio. As I noted on this site last week, I won’t be living in Columbus for very much longer, so I’m glad I was able to take a trip up there while I could.

And, while I was there, I recorded what I could with the HD Radio I brought with me, including some new offerings up on the site today from the Cleveland and Akron-Canton markets.

HD sub-channels can be tricky, since with digital either it’s there or it’s not. I landed an ID for WKRK-FM-HD2 before I went to sleep, and I had every intention of recording its HD3 feed the next morning before I left town. But, lo and behold, when I woke up the WKRK-FM HD signal wasn’t coming in, not even for the primary channel. Perhaps that was due to the cloud cover in the area that morning, though I’m not sure. But so it goes.

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Planning Ahead

In about a month and a half, I’ll be saying goodbye to Columbus, Ohio. But before I leave town, I’m going to do what I can to record one more round of IDs from here, starting with the latest offerings posted tonight.