Jacksonville, A Year Ago

It was just about a year ago that I was on a business trip in Jacksonville, FL. It was quite eerie hearing all the news reports about the terrible events at the Boston Marathon back home, on the local stations down there. I wasn’t able to get a complete set of IDs for the market, but managed to get quite a few, so enjoy April 2013 IDs from Jacksonville.

What happens in Vegas, ends up on Toppy

…at least if it’s at the nearest break in program offerings to the top of the hour!

Sin City has been a busy place for Toppy editors in the last few months. Lou and Lance both vacationed out there over the winter, and Lance and I are headed back out there next week for the NAB Show. (And if you’re around Tuesday night, April 8, come to our meetup!)

In the meantime, I wanted to clear out my files of everything I recorded there at NAB last year, and so here’s a big Las Vegas update today to bring things up to date. Enjoy!

Viva You-Know-Where

It’s almost that time again…the NAB Show is just a few weeks away in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

In addition to my usual run of April IDs from Vegas each year, several other members of Team Toppy have made their own recreational visits to Sin City in recent months, and while what happens there, stays there…we know both Lance and Lou were doing some airchecking in addition to whatever else was keeping them busy out there in the desert.

To fill in the gaps between my last Vegas update to the site (April 2011, if you can believe that!) and the more recent contributions from Lou and Lance, today’s update adds some IDs grabbed during NAB Show 2012. We’ll bring my pile up to date with some 2013 IDs next Wednesday…and then it’s off to Vegas so Lance and I can freshen up the collection even more, amidst our wall-to-wall NAB coverage on RadioInsight.com and Fybush.com.

(And speaking of the former – if you’re reading this before 9 PM Eastern on Wednesday, March 19, don’t miss our first Live Radio Chat over at RadioInsightCommunity.com. Got an ID question? Lance and I will be there to answer it!)



More Santa Barbara

(and doesn’t that sound nice on a day when we got over 15 inches of snow here at Toppy Central?)

Today’s update, tied in to this Tower Site of the Week installment (and the next one coming on Friday), completes our lineup of IDs from Santa Barbara, California, at least through the middle of 2012. Thanks to Garrett Wollman for helping make it possible! (Check out all his IDs here.)