Still here!

I warned you we might miss a week or two here and there amidst our summer travels, didn’t I? But never fear, Toppy’s still breathing, and slowly catching up to the backlog, even.

This week, enjoy some IDs from New York’s North Country, identified here as the “Massena NY” market and by everyone else as “that place you never thought of until those prisoners escaped.”

Want to see some towers and studios? We’ve got those on Tower Site of the Week, here and here.



Between Nashville and Memphis

Between Nashville and Memphis on Interstate 40 is the city of Jackson, an interesting place when it comes to media. There is local radio and television there, but out-of-market stations have a strong influence. To point, the hotel where I stayed during my visit earlier this month had WTVF out of Nashville as its CBS station, which surprised me given that Jackson is 40 miles or so closer to Memphis.

Up tonight on the site are IDs I recorded during my visit to Jackson, including a pair of first-time stations making their Tophour debut.

At long last, Toronto!

Several of you have asked for Toronto IDs (and more Canada in general), and at long last I’m happy to be able to oblige, with even more coming next week.

A few notes about Canadian IDs: as best I can tell, Industry Canada requires only a callsign ID once an hour, with no requirement for the city-of-license piece that makes a US legal ID “legal.” So as long as there’s a callsign in there, I’ll post it. And even there, the rules seem to be enforced unevenly at best. The big owners (think Bell and Corus and such) have become much better in the last few years about doing hourly callsign IDs in big markets, which makes me suspect that someone at Industry Canada quietly did some cracking down somewhere along the way. It’s still hit-or-miss (and mostly “miss”) when it comes to smaller owners and smaller markets. Don’t even ask about the CBC; whether or not the letter of the law requires hourly callsign IDs (as, for instance, the late Dr. Bruce Elving insisted), the Corporation hasn’t done callsign IDs on its stations in many years, offering up only something like “You’re listening to CBC Radio 2, 92.9 in Kingston” after the hourly newscast.

Pictures? We’ve got those in abundance, too, over at Tower Site of the Week here and here.