Server Shift

As Scott mentioned yesterday, the server switch on here create some challenges. That included my attempts to upload the latest batch of IDs recorded last month during my trip to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale which are finally now online. The latest selections are all from the AM dial, something that had been almost entirely lacking from that market on here… until now.

Oh, THAT’s where you went, January!

We’ve gotten a little behind here at Toppy HQ about posting this month. We can’t blame the snow – that all landed east of us, over on top of Jeff in New England. We can blame our now-former hosting company, which left us high and dry for a little while until we could get moved to our own dedicated server.

Anyway, here’s a big pile of audio to catch you up: we have the last Minneapolis-St. Paul stragglers from Big Trip 2013, including more HD subchannels than you ever wanted. Plus there are IDs from two Canadian markets new to Toppy, Kingston, Ontario and Belleville, Ontario (check out the relevant Tower Site of the Week installment here), plus a batch of South Bend, Indiana audio to go with this Tower Site of the Week.

A note on the Canadian stuff: to the extent Industry Canada and CRTC enforce their ID rules at all, it’s mainly to say the call letters, with city of license apparently optional. So anything that actually includes the callsign counts for us, for Toppy purposes. That would probably have made Brian tear his hair out, but he’s down in sunny Mexico right now (hey, how about some nice XH– IDs for us, boss?) and so he’ll never even notice. (Don’t tell him!!)


South Florida Sunshine

There are new IDs up from the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market which I recorded during my trip there last month. It was a fun time, expensive to be sure, but it’s South Beach — you know going into it that you’re going to pay a premium. But I had a blast there.

More IDs from the trip will be posted in the next few weeks.

Miami in December

I had the great fortune to visit Miami just after Christmas last month, staying in Miami Beach and going to a friend’s wedding celebration. It was a fun time — and it allowed me to record some long-needed additions to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale page. South Florida in the winter is a wonderful place to visit, to be sure.

This week’s selections are all from HD2 stations. In particular, fans of American Psycho should appreciate the song that the WFLC-HD2 ID transitions into — you don’t hear it on the radio very often. Also, check out Radio Sputnik on WKIS-HD2.

New year, old IDs

Will we ever catch up? Yes, actually, and before 2015 is out…but we start the year with the next-to-last batch of IDs from our Big Trip 2013. This week, a not-quite-complete run of St. Cloud MN (minus several stations that had issues getting legal IDs into their Friday night syndication) and a few extras from nearby Brainerd MN and Alexandria MN, too.

See all the pictures from St. Cloud (some of them pretty remarkable!) at Site of the Week.

A long day’s journey down I-94

The end of our “Big Trip 2013″ found us returning to our starting point in the Twin Cities from our ultimate destination, Fargo – but not without some fun along the way. Last week in Tower Site of the Week, we showed you a big chunk of the Fargo market’s studios and towers, and this week we close out our books on Fargo-Moorhead IDs, nearly completing the set.

But that’s not all – this week’s Site of the Week and Toppy updates also add the new Fergus Falls MN and Alexandria MN markets to our audio collection here….and stand by for the final installments next week as we probe deep into the St. Cloud market!